Web design: so you can get on with your business 

JS Consulting  website design focusses on helping you achieve your business aims - building with just the elements that fit - no more, no less.

We aim to make your website easy:

Easy to use

JS Consulting design mobile friendly websites with straightforward navigation that work on all platforms. Almost unlimited features and gizmos exist for contemporary web design, but our guiding light for project development is: 'Does it fit your business objective?'
Your users will be far more pleased they have been to your website and easily found what they want - on laptop, tablet or mobile - than any amount of complicated techno-wizardry. 

Easy to understand

We take care to present clear messages with well written content, (yes, Content is still King!) - and lay out your pages and navigation in a clear and intuitive way.
Whether you prefer to receive phone calls or email messages - or aim that your visitors take action to Sign up for a newsletter, Download a Brochure or Make a Purchase - we highlight your calls to action. After all, responses you gain are probably the most important factor which your website can contribute to the success for your business. 

Easy to find

We make our websites easy for your visitors to find - not as an afterthought, but built into the design. Search engine optimisation is integral to our work for you - from page structures to meta tags, from keyword research to your page content. We are proud of the continuing high ranking search engine results that we achieve.

Easy to manage

We work with you to make sure that if you want to control and update your site after its published, it's easy for you to do this. And in any case, we are always here for support.
On a Mobirise Website (like this one) you can manage you website from a simple installation on your own computer, and you can edit and add content whenever you like - guaranteed mobile friendly!
Joomla websites are managed online for both front and back end editing. Different access levels can be assigned to different user in your organisation - from your guests to Registered users, Authors to SuperUsers. 

Bespoke, user friendly design

Fully mobile responsive                             

Tech that works for you

Search engine friendly

Manage as you want

Ongoing,  committed support

Ideal for local business, trades and membership organisations

Platforms we use for web design

We regularly set up appointment booking systems, membership management, event software, social media integration, email and text marketing systems.

Database driven websites 

Joomla CMS

Joomla CMS  (Content Management System) is widely known as  a first class platform for easy administration. powerful publishing tools, built-in SEO tools, Social Media integration, user management, detailed analytics and security.

JS Consulting has over 15 years experience of Joomla installation and development. With the advent of page and template builders, it is even quicker (and therefore cheaper!) to create websites of the highest quality.

Powerful apps

An extraordinary range of Joomla applications make this platform ideal for more or less any purpose and are easy to keep updated.

Multi user controls

Joomla's user management is unrivalled, giving highly defined levels of access to different groups of people

Easy to manage

Joomla websites are fully managed online - either easily through the web page in your browser or via the 'Backend' administration centre.

Security and SEO

Joomla's platform has powerful built in SEO tools and extensive options to ensure website security

Fast, beautiful websites

Mobirise Web builder

JS Consulting has worked with Mobirise since its introduction as a fast mobile friendly website builder in 2015.  During that time we have created many mobile first websites on its  Bootstrap platform.  Mobirise's  drag and drop framework means that beautiful websites can be developed relatively quickly - which means lower prices for high quality websites! 

This website is built with Mobirise  using the AMP system to make it very fast and Google mobile compliant. Mobirise can  integrate simple payment solutions for e-commerce.

Modern designs

Mobirise has developed 1000s of building blocks  and extensions to create beautiful modern websites.  JS Consulting has access to the full library and the experience to craft just what you need together for your business. 

Fast  websites 

Mobirise sites are fast, based on Bootstrap technology.  Development has ensured ongoing Google compliance for these  mobile friendly sites.  Site checkers bring back very high scores for the build quality of Mobirise sites

Manage on your PC

Mobirise is easily managed offline  by a single user (the basic app is free).  This feature and the ease of editing makes Mobirise ideal for the busy small business owner. Once the app is set up, updates are just 2 clicks from publishing!

Security and SEO

With no database behind them,  Mobirise sites face very few issues from hackers.  SEO features are extensive and continuous development is adding new features all the time such as lazy loading, GDPR compliance and options to create PWA applications.

Website pricing 

 Pointers for individual projects

Everything you need in one small package

Setting up a website is a key element of your business' presence online and maybe this is the first step you've taken.  You need confidence to know it will
    a)  Do the basics for you, and do them well!
    b)  Be money wisely spent
    c)  Give you room to grow

A JS Consulting Starter website has all these elements:
   - Experienced, friendly advice and local support
   - Fast, bespoke 3 page mobile friendly site
   - Your own .co.uk web address
   - Full featured business hosting with SSL certificate
   - Easy to manage and upgrade

* Ongoing costs include annual hosting after year one
* Please note that while we will gladly work with existing graphics and images,  creating a new logo design is charged separately at £40/hour.

A fast, versatile mobile friendly solution to fit the bill

This JS Consulting website is built with Mobirise, which give you a feel for its range of features and modern design style.  With Mobirise we can create anything from a single landing page to a simple shop with a Paypal payment system from its vast range of templates and building blocks. 
As long as you don't want to keep an online database (eg membership information, or appointment calendars) Mobirise can be just the ticket.  It's fast and very easy to manage, extend and update.  For many, it has the unique advantage of managing as an online app and one-click publishing.

The starting price of £345 includes at least 4 pages, full business hosting with SSL and your own .co.uk address.

* Ongoing costs include annual hosting after your first year and the cost of any extension renewal licenses you incorporate. 
* Please note that while we will gladly work with existing graphics and images, creating a new logo design is charged separately at £40/hour.

A Joomla website can include all the functionality you could ask for

Recent JS Consulting Joomla projects have included booking appointment systems, business directories, membership management, event calendars, eCommerce shops and more - ideal for local trades, small business and membership organisations.
Joomla CMS is our preferred Content Management System for businesses and organisations that want their website to really work for them!
Pricing a Joomla project really depends on the functionality you need, although the starting price of £495 would include a published website with an impressive range of features with one year's full business hosting and an SSL certificate.

* Ongoing costs after year one include annual hosting and any cost of renewing licenses for specific extensions.
* Please note that while we will gladly work with existing graphics and images, creating a new logo design is charged separately at £40/hour.

Ongoing committed support

Keeping a website up to date and 'alive' inevitably takes some time and effort.  We set up our websites so owners can manage as much or as little of this as they want.  If we've done our job right, there isn't much to do anyway.
However, if you need us to lend a hand, our ongoing maintenance and support is £40 per hour.  We don't charge for tweaks that take less than 15 minutes. After that charges are half hourly increment.
Currently we don't offer ongoing monthly maintenance contracts, but we are always available by phone or email to help as fast and efficiently as we can.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas with us!

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