Terms of Service

JS Consulting, Corby

  1. Payment : JS Consulting invoices are payable within 10 days. VAT is not applicable on our invoices . JS Consulting accepts payment via Paypal, BACs, cheque and cash.
  2. Overdue accounts? JS Consulting reserves the right to suspend your website/hosting if your account is more than a month in arrears. A £50 charge will apply to reinstate web services and interest charged on outstanding balances in accordance with the law.
  3. Transferring accounts to another provider. Free transfer/release of web addresses and accounts to other hosts as long as payments on your account are up to date
  4. Content and media; It is your responsibility to check you have the right to use any content, pictures or videos that you submit for use on your website. JS Consulting will not be held responsible for copyright infringement for content or media you have provided. If we source media for you, it will be checked by us for copyright permission.
  5. Use of hosting (1): Direct mailing through your website is limited to 200 mails per hour. Abuse of this condition will result in immediate termination of your account
  6. Proper use:  JS Consulting reserves the right to suspend an account without notice, that is used to promote indecent, inflammatory or racist content.
  7. Privacy: Your relationship with JS Consulting is confidential. We will never pass on your details to other businesses except when required to by law, or at your specific request.  See our Privacy Policy for more details
  8. News and updates:  We may from time to time send clients news and update information. If you prefer not to hear from us in this way, just let us know.  
  9. Revised terms: JS Consulting reserves the right to revise terms and prices on this website and will give its existing clients due notice of any changes.
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