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Notes and Terms

JS Consulting, Corby

Pathway through your project

Pre agreement
1. Meeting for us to learn about your business and understand the objectives you have for your website.
2. Discussion for the chosen size and technology of your project.

3. Confirm estimate of the final price, timescale for completion for publishing your website.
4. Confirm payment arrangements

In the 1st week after making our agreement:
a. Set up your hosting account. and register your Web Address (URL).
b. Gather your written copy and images.

Completion of the project within 4 weeks after the agreement date, subject to you produce relevant agreed material within the 1st week after we make our agreement.

* Our written agreement with you will specify the work we commit to do for you.
* At this point, we invoice you for the work you have commssioned. Full payment (or the first payment of an agreed 'spread payment plan) is due within 14 days.
* All monies will be repaid to you if our work is not completed within 1 month (subject to you providing copy and pictures to work with, as agreed at the time of setting up).
* Naturally, if you ask us to include more features than the original specification, these will be invoiced to you on completion at our standard rate of £40/hour.

We charge £40/hour for any work on your behalf.
This standard rate includes:
1. Continuing development of your website after initial publishing
2. Preparing new images for your website.
3. Additional SEO work.

The minimum charge for work is 1/4 hour (£10).
If the work you request takes less than 15 minutes, you won't be charged.

Hosting package summary
Quality, fast, reliable hosting on London based servers backed by expert support.

Restrictions on use
Please see our General Terms and Conditions

Web addresses: web address registration is included in the price of our annual hosting packages. Other addresses (eg .com) incur an additional cost
Your web address is registered in your name, not JS Consulting

Transferring your account to another host
If your account is up to date, we will make no charge to transfer your account to another host

View our hosting packages and prices

General terms and conditions


JS Consulting invoices are payable within 10 days.  VAT is not applicable on our invoices

JS Consulting accepts payment via Paypal, BACs, cheque and cash.

GUARANTEE: All monies are fully refundable if the work you have asked us to do, as per our estimate, is not completed within 1 month (subject to your delay in supplying agreed material by an agreed time).

What if?

My account is overdue?
JS Consulting reserves the right to suspend your website/hosting if your account is more than a month in arrears. A £50 charge will apply to reinstate web services.

I want to transfer my account somewhere else?
Free transfer/release of web addresses to other hosts as long as payments on your account are up to date

Images and media

It is your responsibility to check you have the right to use any pictures or videos that you submit for use on your website.

JS Consulting will not be held responsible for copyright infringement for media you have provided.

If we source media for you, it will be checked by us for copyright permission.

Use of hosting

Direct mailing through your website is limited to 200 mails per hour.  Abuse of this condition will result in immediate termination of your account

JS Consulting reserves the right to suspend an account without notice, that is used to promote indecent, inflammatory or racist content.


Your relationship with JS Consulting is confidential. We will never pass on your details to other businesses except when required to by law , or at your specific request.

As a valued client, we may from time to time send you news and update information. If you prefer not to hear from us in this way, just let us know.  

Revised terms

JS Consulting reserves the right to revise terms and prices on this website and will give its existing clients due notice of any changes.



Email via Contact page
Mobile:  07773 386716
Phone:  01536 238514

8, Oslo Gardens, Corby, Northamptonshire NN18 9DS