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Welcome to JS Consulting in Corby, Northamptonshire

  • Ideal for small businesses, community groups and charities  - nearly 20 years experience of helping businesses grow online and a solid working knowledge of effective design solutions in today's context . Contact us
  • Build your online presence - as well as working on a new web design project with you,  we can advise and implement a range of cost effective services to help drive your business online:  Improve search engine results for your existing website, Get your business On the Map, Set you up on Facebook to name a few....  Find out more
  • Local expert support - JS Consulting is a Corby based freelance website design business with an eye to committed ongoing customer support. Our website hosting packages are backed by 24/7 support from our London based web hosting specialists.
  • Commitment to great value -  JS Consulting offers some very competitively priced, fully hosted entry packages.  However, we are interested not in the cheapest, but the best value possible for our clients in terms of return on investment and satisfaction.

Website Design: we aim for


Solutions exclusively tailored to  your business outcomes, designed for today's 'mobile first' online world


Fully loaded Search Optimisation for websites to ensure your potential clients can find you easily online

JS Consulting


Websites that don't only look good and load fast, but that help your visitors find their way round your website easily and intuitively.


JS Consulting can provide on-going management or help you take as much control as you like

Our commitments to you

I work hard to understand what you want for your business and how you are planning to get there, in order to create a web design solution that is 100% tailored to your specific requirements
Partnership and communication
Working together and good communication is at the heart of every successful design project.
I work hard to keep in touch and ensure we're going in the right direction together.
I try to use language that is clear and avoid creating any mystique that clouds the issues.

Ongoing local support
I know that ongoing support for your website is very important, both as your business and the online world develops.
I am committed to providing fast, expert support for when things go wrong

As a freelance web designer with nearly 20 years experience helping to promote businesses, both online and offline, I use a specific collection of selected resources to create high quality, cost effective website solutions.  As well as standard tools for design, Photoshop and Dreamweaver and a variety of online tools to build search engine optimisation, I specialise in working with the two website building solutions below.  Please note that I am NOT a WordPress specialist or a computer coder.  My background is in marketing.

Website building solutions
Joomla CMS
Joomla is an incredibly flexible 'Content Management System' which I have been using for over 15 years for many kinds of business application:  Directories, Booking appointment systems, Shops, Display galleries, Employment agencies, Blogs and more.  Joomla is managed entirely online by one or many authorised users.
Mobirise is a powerfully effective and simple website builder that is managed offline.  Mobirise websites are very easy to edit and change, which makes it perfect for managing by an individual. It uses a toolkit of 'building blocks' which are highly customisable.  Mobirise is the platform I would usually recommend for Starter Websites.  This JS Consulting website is created using Mobirise 

'Good Work' is at the heart of my business ethic. This means that I look for working relationships where there is mutual respect and appreciation which leads to each party being happy. This means I will try do what I say, when I say I will do it.  
'Win-Win' means an excellent outcome for you at a fair price and for my part, both a reasonable reward and pride in your satisfaction.
'Value' doesn't necessarily mean 'cheapest', but I hope it does mean that you get a very good result without paying as much as you might have to elsewhere.

JS Consulting is a small freelance web design business run by Jonathan Sheldon in Corby. This business was originally set up in 2002 and developed a wide portfolio of small business websites within the network of The Wedding Guide across the East Midlands area, at a time when many businesses had no idea at all about the potential of the internet to drive their businesses forward.  It has been a steep and continuing learning curve ever since! As well as developing effective website design, search engine optimisation, email marketing and 'Pay per Click' advertising have all been important contributors to Jonathan's experience.

Jonathan's 'day job' is now with Northamptonshire County Council's Adult Learning Service as a coordinator for local learning courses in Corby and as an IT tutor.  He has many current connections with community, charity and voluntary sector organisations.

Publish your website to a local drive, FTP or host on Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Github Pages. Don't be a hostage to just one platform or service provider.

Just drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

Small business web designs by JS Consulting

Here are seven starter website designs from 2018-19, for business startups and charities: fast, attractive, easy to use and manage.
View also some examples of Joomla websites for Business.
All JS Consulting websites are fully mobile responsive and have many built in SEO features 
Find out more about our Starter websites

Irina Couture Designs

Irina Couture Designs

Simply styled, elegant website design to showcase top quality wedding couture.  Attractively presented in Mobirise galleries with easy navigation and contact form, this website's design was carefully matched to existing printed marketing material.

Starter Site

Graemes Bible Resources

Graemes Bible Resources

Exceptionally fast-loading resources, Graeme's Bible Resources is compliant with Google Amp. The site is now easily managed by the owner in his home office and seamlessly delivers audio and video files through Youtube and One Drive.

Starter Site with additional resources 

Susanne Garside, Language Tutor

Susanne Garside, Tutor and Translator

Simple and accessible, this website shows the variety of subjects offered by this popular local language tutor and channels enquiries through her contact page. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is built in as standard.

Starter Site

The Fact: Childrens' Ministry Charity

Faith Awareness in Children's Trust

Fast, mobile site designed to show services, purchase, and MailChimp features. After the initial website design phase, which included the logo designs, the team  manage this site effectively from their office.

Starter Site

Tutor Lodge:  Logs and Firewood

Tutor Lodge: Logs and Firewood

Attractive site which regularly delivers enquries to the owner. LogsnFirewood has a simple Paypal shopping basket and facility to develop a Directory of linked businesses

Starter Site

Danesholme Community Centre

Danesholme Community Centre

A simple starter site for a Corby Community Centre with our own photography. The attractive presentation, strong search engine positions and attention to Google Map reviews create regular enquiries for venue bookings.
Starter Site 

Herts Healing Complementary Therapies

Herts Healing, Rushden

Attractive web design for an independent complementary therapist which shows a wide range of services in a simple but effective format. Careful choice of colours and images reflect the character  and nature of the business.

Starter Site

JS Consulting Starter web design

JS Consulting - This website

All the features and qualities of this website are included in our Starter Websites. Once published, the Mobirise platform is managed easily by a single user from a small office, or we can continue to manage it for you - up to you!

Starter Site

What kind of business web design  do you get  from £235? 

Joomla website designs for business

Joomla CMS is a platform which offers almost unlimited functionality for business and community websites. Joomla is especially effective for businesses that need multi users and databases to run their websites - shops, event registration, directories and fully customisable image galleries. JS Consulting has 15 years experience working with Joomla CMS. Full mobile responsiveness and built-in SEO are standard features.
Find more  about our Joomla CMS websites 

Sweet Dreams Bra Fitting Studio

Sweet Dreams Bra Fitting Studio

This is a third generation site over 15 years for this popular specialist bra fitting shop. The online appointment system and high search engine results help drive this successful business.

Joomla Site for business 

Barker Homes Property Developments

Barker Homes, Property Developers

Property development site to showcase developments and invite investment. We worked closely with the client to achieve high design levels. In this market, presentation really matters!  

Joomla Site for business

Proadvice Insurance Ltd

Proadvice Insurance Ltd

A large resource site for  an independent insurance broker, remodelled from a previous website with an eye to simplifying navigation, better search engine positions complete mobile responsiveness - and Calls to Action.
Joomla site for business

JS Consulting, Corby

JS Consulting - This Website

All the features and qualities of this website are included in our Starter Websites.Once published, this web design platform is managed easily by a single user from a small office, or we can continue to manage it for you - up to you!



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