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Fast, reliable UK based web hosting packages backed by expert server support and personal help from JS Consulting in Corby, Northamptonshire. 

UK fast reliable servers and 24/7 support

We have been resellers for a leading UK based hosting service,, over 8 years. Their track record for fast 24/7 server support is excellent. Waiting time for a response is usually less than 10 minutes.

Full cPanel admin to manage your hosting

cPanel is an industry standard management and control tool for your hosting account, available 24/7.
The cost of cPanel is included as standard in all packages. You can manage yourself, or leave us to deal with the nitty gritty of your web hosting account

Plenty of bandwidth, FTP and email

A generous 3Gb bandwidth, 2 databases, 3 FTP accounts and 15 email addresses are included in all packages - more than enough for most individual websites. Extra resources can be added immediately, for just a nominal charge.  Full spec...

Secure hosting on all accounts

https:// certificates are included in all packages. However we recommend a unique IP address as the foundation for meaningful security. The pricing table shows levels of security available for various applications.  More about IPs and SSL...

Contact for personally managed UK web hosting

Choose your hosting package

You can pay for annual hosting below

All hosting accounts include

24/7 server support

A free address

Incremental backups

Full cPanel access



50 /mnth

Fast UK-based hosting

3Gb bandwidth, 15 emails 

Let's Encrypt Free SSL

Shared IP address

(£75 per year) Full spec...

Hosting IP


99 /mnth

Standard hosting  plus:

Dedicated IP address

Rapid SSL 

Entry point for database sites

 (£155 per year)

Hosting IP Plus 


99 /mnth

Standard hosting plus

Dedicated IP address

Rapid Geotrust SSL

Best for eCommerce sites

(£204 per year)



99 /yr

Automatic regular backups to guard against website disaster

Backups kept offline on remote servers

Web addresses
at cost 


 Free advice to help choose and register your own domain(s)

Register in your name and on your own account

About IP addresses and SSL Certificates

What's the point of a dedicated IP address?

Websites are hosted on servers, which are computers continually linked to the internet.  Most smaller websites don't have their own dedicated server, so they share space on a server with lots of other websites.  This is called 'shared hosting'.   Individual websites on the shared host can then be accessed by a one joint address ( a 'shared IP address'). 
The alternative is to set up a unique access point on the shared server to an individual website .  This is known as a Dedicated IP address.
Benefits of a dedicated IP address include:
1)  A level of secure access required by higher level SSL certificates.
2)  Reduce email blacklisting which can impact your emails being received  which can be imposed through the operation of other websites on the shared server

Why do SSL security certificates matter?

Https:// and the padlock that show at the top of a browser are key signs of trust approval by search engines. Google warns against sites without https;// and 'unsecure' sites are marked down in search results.  Most internet users now know not to enter any personal information into a site that does not display this security marker.  This is the reason that all JS Consulting hosting packages now include some form of SSL certificate.  Anything less will let your website down! 

What's the difference between security certificates?

Free certificates by Let's Encrypt are a basic solution that give a website a quick and easy solution to the 'https://' requirement on a web browser. Let's Encrypt is an open and automated certificate authority to encrypt communication between your web server and your users.    However, because Let's encrypt is automated and don't require an individual IP address to identify a specific website, the level of actual authentication and encryption is limited and not recommended for e-commerce and sites which hold personal information on the server.
RapidSSL is a 128 / 256 bit single root SSL certificate. Linked to a dedicated IP address it is a strong 128 / 256 bit encryption, industry standard SSL. This makes it an ideal entry solution for securing websites driven by a database or conducting light levels of e-commerce.
GeoTrust QuickSSL web server certificates means you can conduct secure online transactions with confidence, quickly and cost effectively. By activating the browser's "LOCK" icon, QuickSSL enables up to 256-bit encryption and assures online visitors that confidential information and transactions cannot be viewed, intercepted or altered.  This is why the Geotrust SSL certificate is our recommended option for e-commerce and sites that gather personal information.
Other security certificates.  We can arrange for other levels of GeoTrust certificates on request

Payment arrangements for these services

Although payment can be made monthly, dedicated IP addresses and SSL certificates involve an annual commitment. Our agreement to provide these services is on the basis of a renewable annual contract.

Hosting: one hi-spec for all plans

Fast London based servers with 99.9% uptime and quality 24/7 support

Space and Specs
5 Gb monthly bandwidth
1.5 Gb  web space
3 Ftp accounts
3 databases
15 email accounts
2 Gb email boxes
Unlimited sub domains

File Manager
FTP control
DNS Zone editor
Awstats statistics
PHP myAdmin
Select PHP version

Immunify scanning
Email scanning
Email filtering
Incremental backups
Directory privacy
IP Blocker
Hotlink protection

SSD RAID10 servers
Litespeed Cache
Website Optimizer

PLUS many more features in cPanel adminstration

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