SEO and Online presence  

Ensuring your website gets found on the internet in the right places by the right people is a key challenge of growing your business success online.   
JS Consulting ensures  you build on a foundation of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) good practise and grow your online presence towards successful outcomes.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Specifically, optimising a website for better search engine results (SEO) includes choosing the best keywords, creating and structuring content and ensuring pages have good metatags.  However many other factors also come into play, such as your website's security, how fast it loads and the online reputation of your company (defined by reviews and links to your site from social media and your local and business networks.

What is SEO?

SEO is about the techniques used to help people find your website and business on the internet. Search engine optimisation isn't rocket science or an arcane mystery, but there are quite a lot of concepts and ideas to get hold of.

Search Engine Optimisation requires time and attention to detail based on relevant, up to date knowledge. We build pages based on keyword research and carefully craft meta-titles, descriptions and structure page content.

We create mobile friendly and visible sites that are designed to perform well in search engine results to the kind of visitors you want to engage

Google Compliance

It's important to build websites in line with the requirements of the King of the Search Engines. Google now makes judgements about the pages it puts highest in its results on the basis of Mobile Friendliness, Page Speed, Social Media integration and a variety of other key factors, including secure site status 'https' (see web hosting for more info)

We can assess, recommend and implement changes that will improve results, sometimes dramatically, on existing websites, as well as implement them into our own designs. 

Map my business

Both Google and Bing offer substantial opportunities for all businesses through their maps (poll position on Page #1 results!) to provide not only location details and directions, but opening times, descriptions, images and even promote special offers at special times. We offer experience in setting these features up and ensuring they are in place in line with  best practise.

When we are creating a new website for you, the cost of including your business details on both Google and Bing My Business is £50. As a separate project, the charge is £80.  Read more

Get going with SEO

If you already have a website and have concerns about its current performance in search engine results, please take advantage of our free SEO report and review.

Before any beginning any new project work we like to meet with you (in person or online video call) to discuss and agree a plan of action based on our free written report, in the light of your business aims.

Concerned about your website's SEO?  Contact JS Consulting for a free report and review 

Your report will contain over 20 metrics and a personal summary review

Get on the map

Promote your local business with Google and Bing My Business free services. We help you understand how you can Do It Yourself OR we can maximise the benefit of these free services for you - from as little as £50.

Google and Bing powerful freebies for business

Google and Bing both offer free listings to local business on their search engine Map results.  It is important to take advantage of these substantial resources and make the most of them.  Not only because of the extra visibility maps offer your business but also because you can build your online reputation through the customer review facilities they offer.

Google and Bing My Business

These internet giants also offer every business their own account through which to manage public notices about opening times, business details, latest offers, seasonal notices and even its own simple web page  PLUS important details about the current status of its website and visitors.
When JS Consulting sets up your map listings, we'll ensure your Google My Business and Bing My Business account details  are also completed  to make the most of their free resources for your business. It's really a 'no-brainer'!

We can 'Get you on the Map'

Many business owners don't know or haven't done anything about Googe and Bing My Business. Owners are often too busy with daily activities and don't have either the time or the confidence to do what's required to set up and use the powerful opportunities that completed Maps listings offer.

So 'Get on the Map' by JS Consulting is an easy way to make sure that everything needed for your completed map listings on Google and Bing are completed - for £95. Ask us to do this when we set up your new website and the price is just £50.

Contact JS Consulting about getting Your business on the map!

Just £50 when you commission a new website

Build your online network

How you build your online network is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string!  However, JS Consulting can help you get started in the right direction and will help you build valuable links, integrate Social Media with your website and  even help set up effective email marketing campaigns 

Social Media integration

Many businesses recognise and use Social Media to promote their business.  Search engines recognise the significance of busy social media accounts as a significant factor to 'rate' the importance of a business' website, when it is properly linked with the relevant metatags. And because a number visitors to a website also use social media, your website needs to have Like and Share buttons so they can spread the words among their own contacts.  It can also be useful to feed  your posts onto your website page if that's where your main activity takes place.  
Where Social Media is a significant part of your online activity, JS Consulting will recommend and implement integration into your website project.

Links with key business directories

Traditionally, 'word of mouth' is the most valued and effective  form of recommendation for a business.  This translates on the internet into links and recommendation through reviews.
In most areas of business, there are key directory or 'hub' websites that provide important 'routes' for people looking for your kind of business.  JS Consulting can help identify, advise and implement links that create more visibility for your individual business by establishing links both in your sector and in your local context. 

Email marketing

JS Consulting has over 15 years of creating and developing both  email and SMS text marketing campaigns. We can advise and set up systems to establish paths both to your existing client base and to engage new contacts through your website to increase your marketing lists.  You may be surprised how easy and cheap it can be to make these important channels of communication work for your bottom line!

About our experience

JS Consulting has been helping dozens of businesses to increase their online presence for more than 15 years, targeting services online  to a wide range of niche markets. We have seen different combinations of these strategies transform businesses and enable them to compete and succeed in highly competitive markets.  There is no single 'magic bullet', but we can use a wide variety of tools and draw on our experience to create solutions tailored to achieve your business outcomes.

Remember: Discuss building your online presence when you commission a new website with JS Consulting 

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