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Our approach to  website design and search engine optimisation

Simple, easy to use, attractive.
Fully responsive to Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
Built for higher search engine results from conception.
Modern Joomla CMS or Bootstrap 3 technology.
Highly competitive prices.

Mobile friendly responsive website design by JS Consulting

We like to make your website EASY for you and your visitors 

Responsive website design by JS Consulting

Easy to use

We design mobile friendly websites with straightforward navigation that work on all platforms. Almost unlimited features and gizmos exist for contemporary web design, but our guiding question for project development is: 'Does it fit your business objective?'

Your users will be far more pleased they have been to your website and easily found what they want - on laptop, tablet or mobile - than any amount of complicated techno-wizardry.

Please contact Jonathan on 07773 386716 for a free consultation.

Easy to understand

We take care to present clear messages with well written content, (yes, Content is still King!) - and lay out your pages and navigation in a clear and intuitive way.

Whether you prefer to receive phone calls or email messages - or aim that your visitors take action to Sign up for a newsletter, Download a Brochure or Make a Purchase - we highlight your call to action. That, above everything else is the most important factor which contributes to your website's success for your business.

Easy to find

We make our websites easy for your visitors to find - not as an afterthought, but built into the design. Search engine optimisation is integral to our work for you - from page structures to meta tags, from keyword research to your page content. We are proud of the continuing high ranking search engine results that we achieve for our clients.

Easy to manage

We work with you to make sure that if you want to control and update your site after its published, it's easy for you to do this. And in any case, we are always here for support.

One reason we choose Joomla CMS as our preferred platform for many larger website designs is that Joomla offers both front and back end editing and a whole range of permission levels for different users - from your guests to Registered users, Authors to SuperUsers - PLUS a capability superb range at affordable prices.

Mobirise is the other system we use:  from a simple installation on your own computer, you can edit and add content whenever you like - guaranteed mobile friendly!

How do we build our websites?

Just so you know, we usually choose between two top rated systems as the foundation for our new websites - Mobirise website builder and Joomla CMS. These are backed up by our 15 years experience and suite of specialist software, including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, online resources and template builders.  

By using this range of software, we are able to offer our website design projects at highly competive rates compared with others who write websites from scratch.

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Our approach to Search engine optimisation and higher search engine results

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is about the techniques used to help people find your website and business on the internet.   Search engine optimisation isn't rocket science or an arcane mystery, but there are quite a lot of concepts and ideas to get hold of.  SEO requires time and attention to detail based on relevant, up to date knowledge.   We build pages based on keyword research and carefully craft meta-titles, descriptions and structured page content.  We work with systems to create highly mobile friendly and visible sites to help your website display in search engine results to the kind of visitors you want to engage.  

We work as far as possible within Google compliance and good practise to ensure not only that your website is optimised effectively ('on-page' optimisation) but also works well within the wider context of today's  search engine world. 

Why you need to be in the Google 'frame'

It's important to build websites in line with the requirements of the King of the Search Engines. Google now makes judgements about the pages it puts highest in its results on the basis of 'Mobile Friendliness', Page Speed, Social Media integration and a variety of other key factors

We can assess, recommend and implement changes that will improve results, sometimes dramatically, on existing websites, as well as implement them into our own designs.

Get on the map - an opportunity not to miss

Both Google and Bing offer substantial opportunities for all businesses through their maps to provide not only location details and directions, but opening times, descriptions, images and even promote special offers at special times. We offer experience in setting these features up and ensuring they are in place according to best practise.

When we are creating a new website for you, the cost of including your business details on both Google and Bing My Business is £50.   As a separate project, the charge is £80.

When it pays to know

We also offer skills with setting up and managing Adwords Campaigns. Adwords is Google's highly successful Paid Advertising tool. But you need to do your sums and monitor your outcomes carefully - or you can easily spend a lot of money for no results - if you don't know what you are doing.

If you are new to Adwords advertising, we can  meet with you to understand your aims, then conduct initial research and implement a trial campaign with up to 5 associated adverts based on our keyword research for a single cost of £150 (plus agreed costs of advertising) .  Adwords usually advances about £75 credit when you set up a new account, so working with us in this way can be a good time to use this credit!

We offer an initial assessment package

We can meet with you, discuss your current position and your business aims, then come back to you with a considered report of your website's strengths, and recommend areas for improvements.

Within our initial assessment package, for a set price of £150,  we will also produce a full set of specific recommendations for improvement on up to four web pages on your existing website. 

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