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Quality, fast, reliable web hosting packages backed by expert server support and personal help from JS Consulting in Corby, Northamptonshire. 

  • Quality web hosting - JS Consulting use hosting servers located in London UK, with fast performance and excellent reliability.  The features and specificiation of our Standard Hosting Package is ample for most small businesses and the nominal limits can be extended, usually without extra charge. Packages include free web address.
  • Security -  both individuals and Search Engines are increasingly sensitive to online security issues.   Although the Standard package offers the quality and reliablity of all our hosting, a unique 'IP' address is the foundation for website security.  'Secure Basic' offers a free SSL certificate with the significant advantage to visitors of displaying https:// at the start of your website addressWe recommend 'Secure Plus' as a good starting point for businesses involved in light ecommerce.  
  • Support- with over 6 years experience with our hosting supplier, JS Consulting has full confidence in the expertise and speed with which web hosting support issues are resolved.  Most of our customers prefer to contact JS Consulting to deal with queries (there'd be no point in saying they never occur!) and our ongoing commitment is to deal with queries and difficulties as painlessly as possible.  Support for your web hosting is free..
  • Money Back Guarantee - our confidence in our web hosting service is such that we offer a full money back guarantee on hosting packages for sites that are 'down' for more than 24 hours once we have been alerted to the issue by a client.

Please note:  you can purchase the first month of 12 for annual web hosting package below. If we haven't already been in touch before you buy, we will call and arrange details for your setup and payment.  You can expect to have your account live within 24 hours of our contact.  If you prefer to pay your balance for the year at this point, you will receive a 5% discount.


£  6.50 per month
  • Quality, fast, reliable web hosting with web address  (http://)
  • Personal support, with expert, fast 24/7 server support
  • Full cPanel.
  • Specifications
    (ample for most small busineses):
    3 GB Bandwidth, 500Mb Quota. 3 Ftp accounts, 2 databases,  15 email addresses

Secure Basic

£  9.50 per month
  • Features of Standard
  • Dedicated IP address :
  • FREE SLL certificate
  • https:// gives your website a secure status in a browser, preferred by modern search engines
  • Assures your visitors that your website is verified online.

Secure Plus

£  12.50 per month
  • Features of Standard PLUS
  • Dedicated IP address
  • RapidSSL Certificate, 128 / 256 SSL certificate for one site
  • Ideal for light ecommerce 
  • Quick, easy online validation
  • $10,000 warranty

Secure Max

£  15.50 per month
  • Features of Standard PLUS
  • Dedicated IP address
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL with $100,000 Netsure Warranty
  •  Activates a browser's "LOCK" icon, so your visitors can be assured that confidential information and transactions cannot be viewed, or altered